Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[12.15.10] Air on the G String

A handsome guy enters the room with pride. He’s wearing tux, pants and his white rubber shoes. There is a loud scream when he entered. Maybe it is his fans that really love him.

He bows first before sitting to his chair, just to show courtesy that he will start. He gently opens the cover of the piano. He merely feels the piano pieces before he starts. His audience is waiting for him to play.

After a second, he starts to play his famous piece, the “Air on the G String”. Instead of cheering him, the audience remained silent to hear this beautiful piece. Some of them are swaying and some are just humming the piece. Even though he played it over thousand times, they still like the piece.

He is seriously playing the piece that he practiced when he was a teenager. After finishing this piece, he never tried to play any piece; he only played the “Air on the G String”. He never told anyone the real reasons why. But who cares? At least, they’re able to listen this piece from him.

After finishing the piece within 5 minutes, he closes the piano and bows once again after standing up. Everyone cheered after he bowed. They really love the “Air on the G String”. He left after his recital, someone approached him; it’s his coach.

“You’re playing that piece once again Justin,” his coach sermons. “You’re a very talented yet you’re playing that piece.”

“This is my life so don’t bother me.” He bumps his coach and gets his knapsack to put his things there. While picking up his things, his coach came to him.

“Justin, just think of this. How can a pianist be famous if he only played one piece? Justin can you just explain this to me?” the coach stares at him. It looks like he doesn’t listen to his coach.

He gets his book and puts it on the knapsack. He wears his knapsack and looks at his coach straight to his eyes.

“I play, not because of popularity, I play for the person I wanted to play it to.” He leaves after. The coach will try to stop him but someone stopped him.

“Just let him. He has his reasons.” She tries to calm Justin’s coach for that she really knows why he’s acting like that.

It is already dark outside but Justin decides to return to the music room to stay for a while. When he was already there, he sits on the audience seat and stares at the piano that he played. For him, the piano is very important to him. But some parts of it make him remember the girl she adores very much. He even remembers why he only plays “Air on the G String”.

“Do you know the story of ‘Air on the G Strings?’” she asks him as she touches the piano pieces. She really loves playing piano as much as he does and that’s the reason how they met.

“No,” he stares at her from the audience. He really loves looking at her angelic face.

“This is the story,” she grabs the seat and positioned it to face Justin. “Bach is having a recital that time but it was very unfortunate to him because all of the strings of the violin broke except for the G String. Everyone is waiting for him to be embarrassed. Suddenly, he starts to play the violin using the G String. It was awesome for everyone that he was able to compose a song with such short time and with only one string.” She continues her story.

Justin wasn’t listening the whole time for he really stares at his girl.

“Hey, Justin!” she tries to get his attention.


“Do you understand the story?” she smiles.

“Yeah, yeah” he motions that he really understands it.

“Really huh?” she stands from her chair and she went to Justin.

“Yes I am,” he smiled sheepishly.

Suddenly, she tickles Justin. Justin keeps on laughing and laughing as Martha tickles her.

“Hey, stop Martha! I really understand the story.” He said as he tries to catch his breath.

“Then what’s the story?” she challenges him. She went near his face and stares at his beautiful eyes. Instead of answering, he just kissed her.

“Don’t do this trick to me. It won’t work.” She smirked after Justin lets go of her.

“I really love you Martha.”

“I know.” She pecked his cheek and sits beside him. Justin holds her hand and rubs it. “And I love you too, mister.” She leans on his shoulder. This moment is enough for them to be happy.

“Hey, you know how to play that piece?” he asks him.
“See?” she stops on leaning and returns her stare to his eyes. “You don’t even know the name of the piece.”

“Sorry,” he said. “I’m just busy staring at my angel.”

Martha laughed that time. Martha knows that Justin is very good at praising people. But this time, it won’t really work to her.

“Stop saying mushy words there.” She messes his hair.

“Eh,” he scratches his head. “I’m just saying the truth.”

“Yeah whatever.” She just smiled. “I don’t know how to play that piece but I will try to learn it.” As she say those words, she returns to the stage to go to the piano.

“If you already learned it,” he follows her at the stage. “Please play it for me.”

“Eh, my tickets are very expensive.” She joked. “How can I play that piece for free?”

“How about a kiss? Is it okay?” he wraps his arms around Martha’s waist.

“Really?” she stares at her boy friend and shakes her head. “I think it’s not enough.” She laughed after.

“Eh, don’t be cruel to me angel.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll play that piece for you, only for you.”

Justin really loves this girl and she is the one who can make him happy. Martha stares at him and remembers that it’s already late.

“Hey mister!” she shouted.

“Eh! What’s with the shouting?” he exclaimed.

“It’s already late.” She stands form her chair as he lets go of his hug. She grabs her things. “Let’s go.”

“Okay Madam.” He joked.

They left the auditorium after. His arms are around her shoulder when they left. They talked and talked as they walk together.

While walking, Martha breaks Justin’s hug from her and keeps on joking. She didn’t notice that there’s a truck that is coming to her place.

“Martha!” he shouted but it was too late; the truck already bumps her. He called for help and the ambulance came. He held her hand tightly and tries to cheer her up.

“Martha, you can do it. Just hold my hand and everything will be fine.” He said.

“Sorry Justin. I don’t know if I still can.” Her tears fell as he saw his boy friend that is worried about her.

“No! Martha, don’t say that. You will be able to play that piece for me, right?”

She just smiled that time. Seeing his boy friend that is very curious about the piece makes her to hold on but she really can’t.

When they reached the hospital, she brought her to the emergency room. Justin wants to go inside too but the nurses stopped her. So he sits on the bleachers near the room and prayed.

After an hour, the doctor leaves the room. Justin saw the doctor and approached it.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly. “She wasn’t able to do it.”

His world fell in just an instant. She’s gone? How will he accept it? He can’t even imagine himself without her. He cried silently in the corner.

In her funeral, he didn’t go for that he doesn’t want to accept the truth the she’s gone. Suddenly, he heard a piano piece. He went to his piano and saw no one is playing but the piano is playing; by itself. He wasn’t scared for that he remembers the “Air on the G String” that Martha told him before she is gone.

“I will that piece for you Martha. And that’s the only piece I will play in my entire life.” He promised as the piano still continues on playing.

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