Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[12.15.10] SECOND LOVE: Autumn, A Start of New Love

After the unofficial break up, I decided also to transfer to other school. For me, I can easily move on if I’ll be able to lessen the times that I can see him. Even though his house is two blocks from ours. The pain is still fresh when I went to my transferring school, to take the entrance exam. The exam is a piece of cake. After a few days, I had my interview and finally, I made it. I really hope that this transferring will do the trick.

First day of school, a start of something new. I came late to my first class because I don’t know where to go. Of course, I’m not used to the big schools where there are separate building for every year. Luckily, when I entered, they just stared at me and the teacher is discussing that time. I listened to my teacher after fixing my bag and some of my books.

So she’s our adviser. She told us some reminders about the homeroom rules and the normal routine for the first day. To make this day short, it’s our recess time and some of my new classmates are introducing themselves to me. I don’t know yet what to react because it’s my second time to transfer school. My first is when I’m in Kindergarten, which I wouldn’t remember of course. They’re kind, not the one I’m expecting that is quiet because I’m in a star section. And according to my knowledge, first section is quiet.

“Hey, I’m…” the first girl greeted. She was the one who keeps on asking her friends to talk to me.

“Hi! I’m…” another girl introduced. Well, she’s pretty and kinda tall. It reminds me of my classmate, Christine. Christine is very careful of her body and her things and this girl looks like Christine.

“And I am…” she added.

“Well, I’m Kylie Alvarez. I just transferred here as you can see.” I tried to make a good impression to them. First impression lasts. They say.

The next days were great; I didn’t expect that I would enjoy my stay in my new school. Maybe, I can call my transferring decision as one of the best decisions I’ve ever had. I guess.

As I knew them one by one, a group of my classmates were the ones who I was able to be closer compared to others. Actually, they’re the remaining first section of the Grade 6. They knew me by calling me “Marjorie” because their classmate named Marjorie is very similar to me. From that day, they’re been my close friends. The special ones there are Galadriel, Marcus and Ainesis. Galadriel and Ainesis are my best friends; I can call them as my best friends because I’m having fun with them while Marcus is like a close friend to me. That time, I’m very open to him and I don’t even know why. Maybe I’m comfortable when I’m with him.

One day, Rizza, one of my classmates, asked me one thing that I didn’t thought that will change my entire high school life.

“If you will like someone in our classroom, who would it be?” she asked me. The wind is very strong that time. Well, the wind feels something also.

That question brings back many memories especially the times that we’re together as friends. Friends? Or is it more than that? Without hesitation, I answered a name.

“Marcus,” I smiled after.

Why Marcus? I wouldn’t realize why him? Is it because he’s cute? I remember that I said in our first day or the first week that he’s cute. Well, it’s true and I wouldn’t lie about that. Is it because I’m very open to him? He even asks me if I’m fine. Or is it because he’s turning to be a rebound because I told Sean that he’s courting me?

After that day, I started to like him. Like him? Kylie, what are you doing once again? Please don’t do it once again. But what will I do if my heart starts to like him? So this heart of mine decides to risk everything just to be with him. It was easy for me to be with him that time because we’re closer than ever. He even asks me to be with him after P.E class just to help him fix his things. He would even tease me about my oily face, which I’m very conscious. And everyday, I’m enjoying these times that we’re together; with no boundaries or obstacles.

Finally, I made my good decision.

But things, good things to be exact, can lose with a second. And maybe, this is the situation I’m having.

I lose him, entirely in my life.

I cried and cried as if I’m like a child that loses her lollipop.

After my dramatic scene, I asked his forgiveness but when I tried, I see his other side; the angry one. He’s pretty angry about the things I’ve done. Maybe disappointed too.

The next few days, I tried once again and he gave me his forgiveness. I thought it would be okay after that but it turned out that we’re like strangers now. The friendship that we had before, now it’s all gone. Even some of my classmates are drifting away from me.

I staked our friendship to love that I thought it will be successful but it wasn’t. Another mistake. Another heartbreak.

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